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Yerima Shettima: Nnamdi Kanu Is Evil, Sponsored To Destabilize Nigeria

Yerima Shettima: Nnamdi Kanu Is Evil, Sponsored To Destabilize Nigeria

Biafra, Oduduwa Republic: Nnamdi Kanu is evil, subsidized to destabilize Nigeria – Arewa youths

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, has presented an assault against Nnamdi Kanu, chief of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

Yerima Shettima, National President of AYCF, described Kanu as an evil agent pushing to destabilize Nigeria.

In an interview with DAILY POST, Shettima stressed that Kanu was once being subsidized to destabilize Nigeria.

He known as at the Federal Government to make certain that the IPOB chief is repatriated over again to Nigeria “to face the music” of his movements.

Shettima additionally suggested the Federal Government to be aware of the ones if truth be told agitating for every Biafra and Oduduwa Republic.

According to the AYCF National President: “The agitation for Biafra and Oduduwa Republic can totally be sealed off when there may be the spirit of justice to all and backbone at the a part of the federal government to make certain that everybody appears to be presented on board to unravel problems amicably.

“Though some don’t seem to be distinctive of their agitations, some are doing it for his or her egocentric hobby, whilst some are being subsidized.

“But those which will also be if truth be told agitating, the federal government will have to give them a listening ear to unravel this factor amicably.

“I don’t suppose any of them want to stroll abroad, aside from for the evil one that’s the so-called IPOB chief, Nnamdi Kanu. We will have to now not be stunned if he behaves humorous; we all know that sure forces are working with him to destabilize the rustic; he’s an agent of destabilization. I can now not want to inspire someone to provide him a listening ear.

“But the rest, to an extent, are distinctive and the federal government will have to take note of them, ask why they’re agitating. There is most without a doubt sure perceived injustice on their facet, so they selected to agitate to attract the federal government’s consideration.

“And to those who are just being evil-minded like an IPOB leader, the government should do the need and ensure that he is brought back to the country to face the music.”

The AYCF National President additionally commented on the potential of secession with bloodshed.

He stated: “I don’t want to believe that we can get to that, then again undoubtedly, it’s going to now not sound well for the rustic. I don’t suppose additionally they want to pass {that a} great distance then again that anyone is making noise does now not point out this is what is going to occur.

“I, alternatively, concern on account of a few of them pass out in their way to instigate violence, and I don’t like it. In fresh occasions, a large number of issues have came about within the agitation for Oduduwa Republic that a few other people don’t to find humorous.

“Somebody assumes to himself and starts dealing with people, even going as far as to maim and kill people from Northern extraction, all in the name of agitation. Some of us were watching not because we are cowards but we chose the peace part so that men of honour and those committed to project Nigeria, the government can intervene in the matter.”

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