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Is This Pregnancy For Me?

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I had sex with this Girl on the 24th December, 2020 and  30th of same December she told me she was pregnant, she confirmed to me that she last saw her period from November 28th to Dec. 2nd, I was shocked that early January we went to the hospital for a proper confirmation which came out positive, after that she told me she is not keeping the baby. She took some drugs and told me the pregnancy has gone.

So, last week she called me again, telling me that she has not still seen her period then we decided to go for another test, two days ago she did test and confirm she was still pregnant so I have to take her for scan yesterday myself, when the scan result came out it was showing 12weeks and five days which when calculated is more than the day of intercourse (24th December).

Please, If there is any experienced person or a Doctor in the house, please I need help because I’m so confused now.

Below is the scan result

I need answer please, Can it still be aborted successfully?

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