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MIURIC Calls for Shari’ah Courts In South West & Edo – Ishaq Akintola

There isn’t any single Shari’ah courtroom in South Western Nigeria the place Muslims represent the bulk.

That is opposite to what obtained in Yorubaland earlier than the appearance of the British. There have been Shariah courts in Ede, Iwo, Ikirun, Ibadan, and so on.

Yoruba Muslims are actually compelled to take their civil issues like inheritance, marriage, and so on to Christo-Western courts. That is preposterous and unacceptable.

We demand the institution of Shariah courts in all South Western states together with Edo State the place there’s a enormous share of Muslims.

Colonial administration was grossly unfair to Muslims. Nigeria was Christianised by Britain and Muslims bore the brunt. We suffered forceful conversion, denial of rightful employment and even worse types of persecution. However what’s most disappointing is the coverage of exclusion adopted by post-independence governments.

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