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Steps On How to start New Blog

Steps On How to start New Blog


By the way, the blogging platform has become very effective at the moment, now we can use any theme and  we don’t need coding, we can customize any theme without learning coding, but still have to have a little bit of knowledge of coding because sometimes it is needed if you want to become a professional blogger.

Often new bloggers make the mistake.  Whereas google does not understand the multi-topic blog what it is about. Another reason, Domain Authority of multi-topic blog does not grow fast. 

In the blogging world not only the money is needed but also the need of dedication if you want to create a new blog because of your fashion. But it is not good for your blog health if you do not have the dedication. 

🌼  Quality content

We can understand blogging as a shop and understand the right of the visitor on your blog if your customer does not like the shop thing on your day, will that customer come back to the shop again, which is why your shop does not have a quality product, meaning your block does not have quality content.

 Real life example, Every human has a favourite movie which he can watch again and again because he likes that movie from start to finish. That  is called Quality Movie if you also want to make your block a super duper hit then Start writing quality content.

Quality content is a question that every blogger should know so that rank and popularity can be improved of blogs. Yes it is true that blogging requires practice and dedication to improve your writing skills. If you are a blogger then you will know that before writing an article a lot of research has to be done and for the improvement of quality of article needs to updating in researching information. Most bloggers who apply for the first time in Google AdSense, their AdSense application gets rejected. This is because the reason is insufficient content. If your block does not have high quality content, then your block can never achieve good rank on Google search results. So always try to focus on quality.  

I always focus on the quality content itself. For any blogger,  to be successful, it is very important to have quality in its content because your blog readers comes only for the quality content and uniqueness of your blogs. Due to the quality content, we can make our blog famous and give it a unique identity. If there is content in your blog which is not available elsewhere, then traffic will definitely come to your blog and your blogs will also be successful.

🌼Success towards it

To get success in blogging, first of all you have to be dedicated and present towards your blog, if you are this quality then you can get success in blogging, today we will give you some tips that you can make your block successful by following it. So let’s know

If you have created a blog in which you are publishing articles on many topics, then it may take many years to reach your block success or you will never be able to access your block because you have to keep your people updated. All the topics will have to be updated and regular articles on all the topics have to be promised. It is very important from which topic your block belongs, if you publish a health related article on your blog, then you will need only one article to update your block, if your blog is always updated, then visitors to your blog will like your blogs. 

We become what we think. We have to understand this, we are taught from childhood that if you do not study, you will fail, it has never been shown how to study, in the same way, the same happens in the mind of the bloggers that if you do blogging, you will get success but Everyone is focusing and trying to beat others . One thing to always remember is that blogging is a platform that only works to improve your writing skills . If you are treating your blog like a future bank balance or if you think that you are just building a blog in the direction of inspiration, then you will have to change your mind, the game is all about thinking as you think you will become . When you consider yourself a successful blogger, then you try to give 100% effort in your blog, due to which the quality of your blog post is improved and your thinking makes you a successful blogger.

🌿 Catchy title

Titles play an important role in increasing CTR and user engagement on your blog. 

  • Incoming Links
  • New users or subscribers
  • Maximum Readers

So, always write an attractive and unique title for your blog post .

Here is quick tips how to write a good title:

  • Keep post title short( less than 60 characters)
  • Add your main keyword
  • Use numbers in your title
  • When, why and how to use.
  • Write the title of the past clearly


SEO friendly

If you have quality content on your blog then the traffic of your blog will definitely be improved, but to improve it as soon as possible, your blog should also be SEO friendly means that search engine optimization tells the SEO tells what type of content is it and what is the topic of your blog. To make your blog as SEO friendly, you have to do two on and off SEO page on your blog. If you have quality content in the blogs and your blogs are SEO friendly, then No one can stop you being successful. To make it SEO friendly, you have to choose the post name option in permalink structure.


Quick tips for creating SEO friendly URLs 

  • Make your blog post URL short and easy
  • Add your target keyword
  • Do not add additional words to your URL


🌼 Have patience

You will know that the fruit of patience is sweet, But you have to work hard, your hard work does not go waste, so you will need a lot of patience in blogging . It will never happen that your blog will be successful overnight. But one thing is for sure that your blog will definitely be successful one day and you will feel proud on that day.

Therefore, you have to be patient to do blogging so that you always have positive attitude towards your blog and try to always maintain positive attitude. By following all these points and guides, you can make your blog successful. Always do smart blogging and One day, your hard work will definitely bring colour to your career, because of your blogs, your identity will be made.

You have to improve your focus, you have to research every topics before writing it, it will build confidence gradually and you will be able to write all types of articles. When you have such confidence that you can write all kinds of articles better than others then understand that you are going to be a successful blogger

🌼Prevention is better than cure

Every blogger makes mistakes while blogging, some mistakes are small and some are big and if you do not improve these mistakes then you will fail in blogging, always try to learn from your mistakes but have to say with great sadness that all the today’s 

 bloggers are in hurry and very quick to earn money , they make such mistakes which makes them a failure blogger.

Some points are going to tell about the main mistakes that almost all bloggers do, but the one who corrects his mistakes by , can run his block for a long time and can also be successful.

But if you do not rectify the same mistakes, then gradually your blog starts demotivating you, due to which you start quitting from blogging.


✍️ Mistake 1  (Creating Blogs Just To Make Money)

If you are creating your own blog just to earn money, then it is your biggest mistake. 

I do not say that money cannot be earned through blogs, but yes if you want to earn through your blog, first of all you have to focus on your blog  quality instead of focusing on earning. 

 People will read the blog only when you focus on the content of your blog instead of your earnings and will continue to improve its quality with positive energy and positive attitude

✍️ Mistake 2  (Not focusing on quantity improvement) 

Many bloggers think that the more posts in the blogs , the more frequently it will appear on the search engine and the more visitors will come, if you think this is your biggest mistake.


If you do this, it may take a long time for your blog to perform well or it may happen that your blog may never perform well.

That is why keep modifying all your posts so that the improvement continues.

✍️ Mistake 3  (Writing low quality article)


Nobody likes the low quality article, people who are fresher in the field of blogging, they are not aware that if there is a low quality article on the blog then the it will never be able to perform well And because of this, bloggers start publishing articles on their blog that don’t  have quality, because of lack of knowledge of blogging, it is also a mistake . For this, first you have to write your blog  reading quality article and modify your old post and change the high quality content.

✍️ Mistake 4 (publish unread post)

Many bloggers are very quick to publish articles on their blog. After writing , he publishes his article directly. I am not saying that the article you have written is not perfect, I just want to say that you must read your blog post once before publishing. If you publish your blog post without reading, then I can say with guarantee that you will definitely do spelling mistakes in your blog post. Due to spelling mismatch in the blog post, visitors are not able to read your post properly, due to which no one likes your post, so do read it once before publishing the blog post.


✍️ Mistake 5 (Not increasing knowledge) 

 Without knowledge you cannot write posts on your blog and there are some bloggers who write articles but do not want to improve their knowledge.  This is to say that if you want to run your blog for a long time, then you will always have to learn something.


✍️  (Important points)


🌿 Use media and SEO friendly permalinks in your article


🌿 Optimize Meta Description


🌿 Do keyword research


🌿 Use Long Tail Keywords


🌿  Promote your content on different platforms:


🌿 Use proper heading tags


🌿 Make blogging your passion


Here I told the best blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers. If you are a new blogger and want to take your blog to a new height, then you cannot ignore them. In particular, it is very important for new bloggers. Small request, if these blogging tips have been helpful for you, then don’t forget about to share it.


 Its you vs you                                                                                                                           yes ,You will win

“Happy blogging and stay blessed”


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