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How to start an affiliate marketing program

How to start an affiliate marketing program

Instagram is one of the most popular these days. Today, over 1 billion active users on Instagram and businesses are using Instagram to promote their business. This blog will help you plan to start an affiliate marketing program for your Instagram. 


Here in this blog, we will talk about how to start an affiliate marketing program for Instagram. But before that, you need to understand what an affiliate marketing program is. 


What is Affiliate marketing? 


Affiliate marketing is a system that allows influences to promote products or services and then earn Commission based on the service.  

Brand, affiliate Network, influencer, and customer are the key factors involved in affiliate marketing.  


Let’s understand what affiliate marketing with an example is. Suppose you are an influencer who has a good number of followers. Different brands will collaborate with you or will of unique discount codes to you. As an influencer, you have to share that code with your followers. If your followers buy the product from the brand using your coupon code, get Commission.  


Another example of affiliate marketing is when you read a blog, you will find different links about the products if you buy the product by clicking on that link. The website will then earn Commission.


How to Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Program on Instagram? 


Here are a few methods that will help you to set up an Affiliate Program on Instagram:  


  1. Build your affiliate network 


Building your affiliate network is very important to follow an affiliate network. It will give you services and various benefits like getting a better idea about the latest technology, tracking tools, equipment, and different other things. The affiliate network will also help you decide the amount of Commission you need to pay an influencer.


  1. Decide your Commission in advance.


It is essential to decide in advance how much you will pay the influencer for the sale of your product through their coupon codes. Some companies provide 10% commission, while others offer 40% commission. 

There are different factors that you can consider while setting your commission rate. 


  1. It is essential to analyze your profit margin. 
  2. See what your competitors are offering. 


Types of Commission


There are two types of commission methods: 


  1. Paper click- It is a model in which influencers or affiliate marketer will earn a small amount for every click that directs the user to their website. 
  2. Cost per acquisition- In this type of model, the influencer gets paid only when the actual sale is made. 

Cost per acquisition involves a low-risk factor and is safer than the cost per click as it is highly based on actual sales performance rather than generating traffic. 


  1. Finding an influencer


Finding an influencer to partner with Instagram is quite essential and challenging. It depends on your marketing goals and the product that you are offering to the audience. If you are opening a clothing line, look for fashion influencers while selling gym products, then look for fitness influencers. Don’t forget to check the engagement and followers ratio. A small tip is if the influencer has 10% of their total followers’ likes, then the followers are live and genuine. If not, they might be purchased or fake.


  1. Analyze


It is essential to keep track of your affiliate program to know how your product works in the market. It will help you to understand whether the influencer is promoting your product in the right direction or not. 


  1. Instagram profile 


Instagram profile plays a significant role in promoting your brand. The only drawback with the affiliate products is that you cannot easily place 5-6 links together. There is space to paste a single link in the Instagram bio. So, display the link to your best products. You need to regularly change the links. 


Try to shorten the links by putting You can write the affiliate link on the image to buy. You can also use coupons for affiliate products. You can even promote your product using Instagram. Then, Instagrammers can direct visit your page, which will increase the sale of your product. 


Tips to promote affiliate products

Let’s discuss some tips to make money on Instagram from affiliate product:


Images and videos 


The first strategy is to use images that stand out of the crowd and as quite engaging and impressive. You don’t have to display the product. You can describe how to wear it, how to use it or what you can do with it. 

For instance, if you are trying to sell at crop top, you can make videos about style this particular top in different ways.  


Live videos

Live video is another interactive and effective way to connect with your audience for followers and build a healthy relationship with them. In this live video, you can discuss the product to demonstrate how to use it.


Never Over promote


Avoid over-promoting your product because your followers don’t like regularly talking about affiliate products. Instead, you can use some different techniques to advertise it. If you are dealing with makeup products, you can do makeup tutorials to engage your audience instead of posting pictures about your makeup products. 




A shootout is another exciting way in which you can promote your affiliate products. In this method, you give Shootout to other Instagram account and asked them to do the same in return. In this way, you can exchange the audience and interact with broader followers. 

Tips to increase sales using Instagram


As you know, Instagram is a powerful tool, and many shoppers these days browser Instagram and shop. So it is essential to build your online presence using Instagram. Here we will share a few tips that will help you with your brand and increase sales.


Optimize business Instagram account

Make sure to separate your personal Instagram account from your business one.


Your business account should be more about your product sale giveaways and discount offers, not about what you are eating or where you went for a holiday. 


Include your website link

It is crucial to link your website to your Instagram account as this will help generate traffic on your website. Add the website link to the place where your link is clickable and give a short description of your website and page.


Name, photo, and bio is a must.

It is essential to have a brand name and photo so that people can easily recognize it. Try to keep your profile image consistent and make it look more attractive and engaging. Your bio should have a quick short description of your page. Keep it fast, simple, and engaging. 


Create a popular post and use the right hashtags

Use the right hashtags to grow engagements and try to create a popular post. You can use up to 30 hashtags, and make sure to use them right. Look for hashtags that have a good number of seats. Follow the latest trends and use stories, highlights and reels. 


Grow engagement

Keep an eye on the Instagram algorithm that keeps on changing with time. For instance, it grows more engagement and visibility of your account by saving, sharing, commenting, and liking. The most important thing is to share and save the post to generate more engagement. 


Benefits of Instagram Affiliate marketing program


Now, let’s talk about the benefits of Instagram Affiliate Marketing. Here you go!

  1. These affiliate programs will help in monetizing your social media accounts.
  2. Instagram has both image and video feature that allows you to depict your products in video and image format. 
  3. The Best part about Instagram is that it is free of cost and quite powerful and effective. 
  4. Affiliate marketing helps to increase brand awareness, engagement, and followers on Instagram. People connect with influencers who post photos and videos of the product and posted on Instagram. If their followers like the product, they can’t directly visit the page with the tag’s help. In this way, affiliate marketing works.
  5. It helps to create a new relationship using influential users. This helps in generating more sales and a new channel of opportunity for the business.
  6. Affiliate marketing helps to generate revenues. Now marketing channels and PR agencies use Instagram to promote their brand or advertise their products.


Why is Instagram marketing great for your brand?


  1. You know how important Instagram has become within a few years. And that is the reason every business is shifting towards it. Here, we will talk about why Instagram is an excellent option for your brand. 
  2. Sharing visual content is relatively easy with Instagram. You can promote your brand by weaving a story around it. Focus on the feelings of customers, and you’ll get a great response.  
  3. Photos and videos are much more engaging than a text posts. Instagram allows you to engage with your customers or followers through attractive photographs, videos, and captions. 
  4. You can reach a broader audience with the help of Instagram. You can use tags and hashtags to attract the audience. You can also tag community pages to get more engagement.  
  5. Instagram is the best social media channel to create brand awareness and engage with your community. 
  6. Instagram is the best way to keep a check on your competitors. You can see what they are offering to their followers.  
  7. You can run competitions, giveaways using Instagram.




If you are starting your business, it is essential to have an online presence. Social media is a great channel to promote your product and services. With the help of affiliating marketing and social media tools, you can upgrade your business to a great extent. All you need is adequate knowledge and the right promotion strategies. Hope this article might have helped you out. So, don’t waste your time and start building affiliate marketing on Instagram to get maximum benefit. 

Best of luck!


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