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How to help marketing build a bridge for better sales?

How to help marketing build a bridge for better sales?

Your marketing is so precise that it is more like Trio Tec Digital. You have to align everything and close it perfectly. Can it create proximity effects? The proximity effect is what happens to the microphone. If you remove my head from the microphone, it will sound farther. However, when you move your mouth closer to the microphone, you will hear this sound more vivid. This is the role of proximity effect. The microphone can pick up sound no matter where it is, but the closer you are to it, the deeper and richer the sound. More detail: Digital Marketing Services in Lahore.

The same is true for marketing messages. Marketing information is important, but don’t confuse marketing with sales information. Marketing is usually a one-to-many activity, where you can talk to all kinds of people. Where sales are often one-to-one events, you or your salesperson talks directly with customers. The biggest difference between marketing and sales lies in interpersonal relationships. This is about proximity. The closer your relationship, the deeper the message resonance. Know that like and trust have advantages over “who dares”. information!

If someone sees your marketing message and knows the person who sent it, it will have a different proximity effect than when you try to send it to everyone who doesn’t know you.

Consciousness information

Creative marketing can attract people’s attention and awareness, and has a similar proximity effect, especially when there is a connection. In terms of marketing, I tend to look at things from three different perspectives:

  1. Awareness release, “Hey, we are here.”
  2. The education department wrote: “This is our product or service, and this is the function of the product or service.”
  3. The salesperson said: “This is something you can buy or buy. This is what you need to know next to make it more successful.”
  4. Awareness can create sales through proximity.

Time is everything

People may see the marketing of a particular product or service that you don’t need or want at the time. However, if they know its source, then it may cause enough alertness to remind them: “Hey, I need to order some supplies.” Or, “I’m really interested in other things. I need to contact the salesperson to Learn more about this new product or this new service or something I have been thinking about.” This is what consistent marketing can do, and it can create proximity to your salesperson’s relationship with others.

Regarding marketing, I hope you consider three aspects.


The first is frequency. How often do you receive a message? Many people in the B2B field I know tend to do things like monthly blog posts or monthly electronic news. This means that they only communicate with the audience 12 times a year. If you do something every week, it will be 52 times a year. If you do it 3 times a week, it will be 150 times a year. That’s the first one. How often do you release news?


The second is consistency. People are used to seeing things on a regular basis and then start to expect it. You may have seen such posts about Tuesday, Camelback Day or Throwback Thursday. These topical messages make people pay attention because they expect them and are always visible. What are you doing in business, marketing, in order to establish a certain consistency when people start looking for your message.


The last step is connectivity. The more people in your company who have related messages and their profiles on social media, the more people you see, which adds value. For example, I work with a company that has 1,000 people who like their business page, but they have 10 people who have at least 500 contacts. When you post content on a company page, it looks like an advertisement, but if someone can post content on their profile or they share the message, it looks like an endorsement or an educational article. Then, you go from having 1,000 potential people who saw it to 5,000 potential people who saw it and those 1,000. Now suddenly, it zoomed in six times. Think of business pages as advertisements and personal data as suggestions.

This is the difference between sharing content between business pages and personal profiles and keeping your people consistent. Using this frequency and taking advantage of their connectivity will help amplify your information and generate more sales.

Final thoughts

I want to leave this to you. First, keep your marketing fresh and convenient. When I can rip the Velcro, grab those snacks and take my dog ​​for a walk, I will love it. Second, you want to make sure to create consistency so that trained personnel can find your message, just like Layla is standing on every crosswalk. Finally, train your audience to listen more attentively through connectivity.

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