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How to choose a gaming laptop?

How to choose a gaming laptop?

If you are a gamer and you like to spend time playing video games on your computer, there are many laptops designed to satisfy all your needs. Gaming laptops are often equipped with high-quality components that are powerful and durable at the same time and are perfect candidates for refurbishment. 

And not only that, some high-end models become much more affordable without losing their excellent gaming features. Here is a little guide so you don’t get lost.

What graphics features to choose?

When we talk about gaming laptops, the first criteria to take into account are graphics performance. Although they are designed to offer maximum gaming pleasure, not all models are the same and offer very different graphic features. 

The component that guarantees these features is the computer’s graphics card, whose characteristics can vary considerably depending on the range and age. However, a very powerful graphics card is not always necessary. Therefore, it is best to choose the graphics card according to the necessary performance so that the video games that have already been acquired or that will be acquired work well.

What not to forget: depending on your video and gaming needs, it is better to choose a computer with a suitable graphics card. It has to be at the same time powerful enough for the games to work, but without offering too high a power since that means a considerable increase in the price of the computer without being really necessary.

An adapted storage space

As time goes by, video games are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to storage, to the point that they are often the source of many problems for many gamers. Therefore, it is important to choose a Best laptop for sims 4 model with enough memory to store your games without having to continually uninstall and reinstall them. For this, there are various solutions. 

HDD hard drives are interesting because they offer a lot of storage space at an affordable price, but they are rather slow to write and read files, which tends to greatly lengthen the loading times of games. By contrast, SSDs are faster and allow for accelerated read/write, but are more expensive and have less capacity for the same price as HDDs.

What not to forget: depending on your needs, it is not only necessary to choose a hard disk that has enough available storage space, but that is comfortable to use. If the loading time is not a problem and you want to save money, go for an HDD. On the contrary, if you want the load to be done quickly and you do not mind giving up storage space, choose an SDD.

Choose the processor and RAM memory well


Besides the graphics card, there are other essential elements in a gaming laptop setup. The latest games require considerable computing power in many cases and enough RAM to achieve a smooth result, all without being slowed down by multitasking use. 

This is especially true for gamers who use additional programs during gaming sessions, such as group vocal discussion programs, video game distribution platforms, or streaming recording programs. In addition, it must be taken into account that certain models of gaming laptops allow RAM memory improvements with additional slots if necessary.

What should not be forgotten: while the answer to video game needs is a good graphics card, the computer must also have a processor that offers good computing power and sufficient RAM. Therefore, it is preferable to opt for multicore processors accompanied by at least 8 GB of RAM.

An updated operating system

One of the essential elements to guarantee optimal gaming performance and computer security and stability at the same time is an up-to-date operating system. 

An outdated operating system is often a source of concern and can lead to instability risks or compromise the security of user data, as well as prevent certain games from being played. Fortunately, operating systems are easy to update, and most refurbished computers offer the latest updates.

Not to be forgotten: all refurbished computers have an up-to-date operating system, and if this is not the case, the problem can always be easily solved using the computer settings.

A brand and design adapted to your tastes

Laptops are probably the computers with the most personality in terms of design. Each brand offers a unique style with specific materials, a color code, or finishes. For example, Asus, with its ROG range, offers equipment with clean finishes and a sporty design as well as discreet and compact. 

On the contrary, Acer, with its Predator and Nitro ranges, offers more bulky and less discreet equipment, with a markedly sporty look. Finally, the older models have a fairly similar design with respect to the more recent models, without ergonomic improvements or finishes that manufacturers have incorporated over time.

What should not be forgotten: the design of a computer depends primarily on the brand and not on the age, and there are even models that age wonderfully. However, certain ergonomic advantages of the newer models cannot be found in the older models, although this is not a real disadvantage.

Sufficient connectivity for all your needs

Another thing that a gaming laptop needs (as much or more than the previous ones) is sufficiently diversified connectivity to receive all the necessary peripherals. It can be a headset with a microphone, a gaming mouse, an Ethernet cable connection, or HDMI ports for multiscreen, all of them require adapted and quite numerous connections. Not only that, but it is also important to pay attention to the technology used, especially for the USB or HDMI ports, to be able to use them as needed.

What should not be forgotten: if you use many different peripherals, pay attention to the number and characteristics of the connections that you will need in your future gaming laptop.

Can you get a cheap gaming laptop?

A gaming laptop is a true concentrate of state-of-the-art systems. For this reason, they tend to be computers with an especially outrageous price for potential buyers of a small budget in the case of new equipment. Not surprisingly, it is not uncommon for a gaming laptop to have a budget of around 1000 euros in a configuration considered to be minimal. And this is where refurbished gaming laptops come in, which maintain all the features but are considerably cheaper than the new models and allow access to quality equipment at a reduced price.

If you really want to get a gaming laptop, in Back Market you can fulfill your wish in a very simple way, with models that offer a multitude of different configurations and adapted to your needs. And what is better, the price is significantly lower than that of a new model, which is an economical and ecological solution at the same time and with great gaming features.

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